Performing Arts

​The following guidelines are used when inviting acts to perform at 4-H Round-Up and Indiana State Fair. Consult the county Purdue Extension Office for specific county and area level criteria.

Performing Arts at 4-H Round-Up and State Fair

Audience: Each area can send two acts to Round-Up. They may also send two acts to State Fair.

I. Group Acts

  • Number of performers: five (5) or more performers
  • Performance time limit: 5-8 minutes
  • Types of acts: skits or sketches, choral number, dance routines, lip sync

II. Curtain Acts: Non-Musical

  • Number of performers: one (1) to four (4) performers
  • Performance time limit: 3-5 minutes
  • Types of Acts:  skits or sketches, magic, clowning, rhythmic gymnastics, reading, 4-H cheerleading routines, choral speaking reading, dance (ballet, tap, modern, etc.) lip sync, juggling, acrobatic feats, ballads, puppetry.

III. Curtain Acts: Musical

  • Number of performers: one (1) to four (4) performers
  • Performance time limit:  3-5 minutes
  • Types of Acts: instrumental (piano, guitar, flute, drums, etc.), vocal, bands (rock, country, jazz)

Special Note: Area winners will be screened at the state level and only those consistent with Indiana's 4-H mission and values will be invited to perform.


All entertainers must be 4-H members. Narrators are considered part of the act so they must be a 4-H member. Please note: A person whose only contribution to the act is that of being piano or other accompanist is not considered part of the act and therefore does not have to be a 4-H member. This is because this provides music in a similar capacity as a tape provides music.

Mini 4-H/Exploring 4-H is designed to provide non-competitive educational experiences. We want to give mini/exploring youth a chance to participate in 4-H Performing Arts, but not have the pressure of being judged. Since acts have to compete in order to come to 4-H Round-Up or State Fair, the following eligibility rules will be applied.

  • A mini/exploring 4-H'er(s) may not perform a curtain act at State Fair.
  • A group of mini/exploring 4-H'ers may not perform a group act.
  • However, mini/exploring 4-H'ers may perform in a group act under the following circumstance: The mini/exploring 4-H'er is associated with a regular 4-H club which includes older members, and the majority of the group act performers are active 4-H members in grades 3-12.

It is up to the counties to determine if mini/exploring 4-H'ers are eligible to perform in curtain or group acts at the County 4-H Performing Arts program. If permitted, they should not be judged, but receive a special participation ribbon.

Application Due

Area coordinator is responsible for sending in Area 4-H Performing Arts reports to State 4-H Office by May 15. 

Note: County 4-H Performing Arts report forms should be submitted to area coordinator with in one week after the area contest. There is no registration fee.


Participants that want to stay overnight will be responsible for paying their own lodging.

Description/Objectives of Share-the-Fun

  • To provide an opportunity for youth to perform for an audience where the performer and audience both have fun.
  • To help youth identify talents that they may choose to develop.
  • To share 4-H with others in the community
  • To help youth and adults learn to work as team members for a coordinated activity.

College Majors

  • Acting
  • Film and Theatre Production
  • Film and Video Studies
  • Sound for the Performing Arts
  • Theatre
  • Theatre Design and Production


  • ​​​Performing Arts

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