4-H Project Achievement

4-H Project Achievement is an in-school 4-H program that provides structure and assistance to children in grades 3-5 as they research and present a topic of interest to their teachers and classmates. Through age-appropriate activities, children can choose from topics in areas of science, social studies, arts and crafts, healthy living, environmental stewardship, and leadership.

Unlike other programs,which focus on competition, Project Achievement focuses more on exploration and competence building. Children participate in activities designed to encourage creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills, laying the groundwork for their future involvement in other community initiatives and their eventual careers.

Our Goal

The primary goal of 4-H Project Achievement is to introduce children to various subjects in a fun and engaging manner while promoting personal growth and life skills development in the areas of research and presentation.

For more information about 4-H Project Achievement, please reach out to Regional Educator for 4-H Project Achievement and Exploration, Bill Decker.

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